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We work together to find the buyer. No other agent is involved. Realty Aaassociates writes the contract and guides it through escrow. The listing commission is 1%, and the selling commission is 3%. 


Your property sells through the Multiple Listing Service. Another agent represents the buyer. Realty Aaasssociates commission is 1% and the other agent receives 3%.

No up front costs.

* Due to certain circumstances and conditions, some homes may require a higher skill level and time commitment to get them sold and are therefore subject to a commission rate up to 5%. Contact us for details.


“We did our homehunting online, and earned 2% of the agent’s commission.”
- The Shelby’s
Mesa, Az
“We remodeled our bathrooms with the money that usually would have went into an agent’s pocket.”
- The Norris Family
Gilbert, Az